Citation and Reference Management Softwares


In the past, citing and managing references has been a big problem but with the advent of various software packages this has become easy. There are now many software which assist in ensuring that this done automatically with little efforts on the part of the user. Switching from one referencing style to another has become easy with a few mouse clicks.

In this article, we shall explain the use of Mendeley in organising references, inserting citations into manuscripts and managing references. Mendeley is a free software which can be downloaded from www.mendeley.com depending on the type of operating system you are using. After downloading and installin it, you are required to create an account. With the account, you can upload your colllections of articles on their server and sync it across your different devices with Mendeley installed. The latest stable release of Mendeley as at the time of writing this article is “Mendeley Desktop 1.19.4”

Apart from being a free referece manager, mendeley is also a social network for academics which assists you to find collaborators online and easily discover new research and academic job openings/grants. 

The following links will take you to the Mendeley website where yoy can read how to use the Mendeley Desktop. Note that each link opens in a new tab.

Using Mendeley Desktop

How to add documents to Mendeley Desktop

How to Organise documents in Mendeley Desktop

How to use Mendeley Desktop to read, highlight and annotate text

How to find and import contents into Mendeley Desktop

How to cite using Mendeley Desktop

How to sync your contents in your Mendeley Desktop to the cloud


The following YouTube video by Mendeley will guide you on how to use Mendeley.

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