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Doing Recharge and Get Paid as a Network Marketing Business

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As the famous American business, John D. Rockefeller rightly said that “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than earn 100% of my own efforts”

You could do recharge and get paid as a network marketing whereby you earn some percentage from every transaction carried out by your team members. Take for instance if you have one hundred thousand people buying airtime worth of N1000 each month and you make just 0.35% of each, this translates to 0,35% * 1000 * 100,000 = ₦350,000/Month. If the same people buy airtime and you make 1% of that, that translates to a commission of ₦1m/Month from data purchase giving you a total of ₦1.35m/month.

Assuming the same people also does Cable TV (DSTV, GOTV, Startimes) subscription each month, you get ₦10 from each person giving you ₦10 x 100,000 = ₦1m. Add this to airtime and data commission, this gives you a grand total earning of ₦2.35m per month from 100,000 team members. You could get this number of people under your team in less than 12 months if you devote some of your time to the business. Many people have done it and continue to do it. You could be the next person if you want to.

How To Carry Out Transactions

How can One Subscribe for Cable TV

?Login to your acct
?Click Cable TV Subscription
?Scroll down, click what do you want to do
?Select Pay-TV Subscription
?Select Action
?Type in the Smartcard number
?Type in the Receivers Phone number
?Select the package/amount type
?Click buy

How Do I Buy Airtime Using Recharge and Get Paid?

? Login to your acct
? Click Recharge
? Enter the phone number
? Click Verify Mobile Network (the system will bring up the right network provider), then you
? Select either Airtime or Data
? Confirm the activity that you want to do
? Select the amount
? Enter your Purchase PIN
? Click transfer


N1 x 60 seconds = N60

N60 x 60 minutes in 1 hour = N3600

N3600 x 24 hours in 1 day = N86,400

N86,400 x 7 days in 1 week = N604,800

N604,800 x 4 weeks in 1 month = N2,419,200

Let me forget about calculating for 1 year ?

It should be the goal of every member of RAGP to start earning atleast N1 per second!

That is the RAGP Dream. This is the RAGP Vision! ??

If only we can all see and understand this ?

you need to just understand the power of earning just N1 per second!!!

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