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How to Partner with Recharge And Get Paid

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There are seven different packages with which you can start with. For those that want to use the platform for their personal use without the intention of telling others about it, the Basic package is recommended. For those that want to earn big, the Platinum package is recommended. However, irrespective of the package you start with, you can always upgrade any time by paying the difference between your current package and the package you want to upgrade to.

The registration fee you pay is what gives you a license to use the platform for transactions and get paid as you do. You can also resell the license to people and get paid some commission. It is like paying for a shop space online. When you sell on eBay or Amazon, you are charged a certain percentage of your sales. But when you sell on RAGP site, you are paid a commission.

To get a license to use either MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat Virtual Top Up (VTU) Application Program Interface (API), you need to pay more than ₦500,000 each together with the cost of website hosting. The registration fee you pay to join RAGP gives you access to all the above API without worrying about website hosting and maintenance. You simply promote the business and earn big.

Registration packages in RAGP
To be part of RAGP business, You must register in any of these packages:
Basic – ₦5,000: 20PV – You earn to 5th level deep
Bronze – ₦10,000: 40PV – You earn to 6th level deep
Silver – ₦20,000: 80PV – You earn to 7th level deep
Gold – ₦30,000: 120PV – You earn to 8th level deep
Diamond ₦40,000: 160PV – You earn to 9th level deep
Platinum ₦50,000: 200PV – You earn to 10th level deep
Exec Platinum ₦100,000: 400PV – You earn to 10th level deep

Learn more about the importance of Point Value (PV)​.

How to sign up on the website.

There are two ways you could register as a member. The first option is doing it by yourself and making a payment with your ATM card. This option will take about 6 to 24hrs to be activated and usable. The second option is to have a member register and activate your account via eWallet option. The activation is instant and you can log in immediately.

Irrespective of whichever option you choose, you need a referral ID to register. This will be given to you by the person that introduced you to the business. In case you arrived at this page via Google search or on your own, kindly send an email to or send us a message via any of social media handles (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and you will be given the referral ID to use.

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