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Introduction To Cameroon Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)

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Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Cameroon Ltd

RAGP Is a company that gives you the opportunity to become a SELF AGENT that is an electronic callbox agent as locally called. Once a member, you get paid commissions for buying airtime and data for yourself and for others. So, in a way, you are like roadside call box operators with the following advantages.

  • You work online 24/7 at the comfort of your home instead of you sitting by the roadside or shop.
  • You earn even when you are sleeping
  • Your earnings are not limited to only the people you know but on anyone anywhere in the world.

What Is RAGP All About?
RAGP is a simple Mobile Top-Up Service that enables registered users to earn commissions from Cameroon Telecom companies like MTN, ORANGE, NEXTEL AND CAMTEL from your personal purchase and that of your team members like airtime purchases, data purchases, Momo services, Electricity and Canal + bills payments etc.

RAGP is an indigenous company, LICENSED and commissioned to execute these services.

How Does It Work?
👉You sign up for a license (or franchise) which gives you an account on the company portal. You can choose from any of the seven(7) packages of your choice ranging from CFA10,000 to CFA200,000 to qualify as a RAGP member/investor.

👉Upon registration, the company welcomes you with a 20% commission of your registration amount. NB: You must NOT refer to earn but you maximize your earning potential through referrals.

👉After your registration, you can start earning from all your mobile money transactions. In case you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in RAGP and winning awards, it’s imperative to build a team and accumulate PVs from the registration of your team members.

Compensation Plan Explained

Eighteen (18) Amazing Reason To Join Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) In Cameroon.

  1. When you buy/sell Airtime of any network like MTN, Nextel, orange, YOU GET PAID
  2. When you subscribe for data of any network or sell to a third party, YOU GET PAID
  3. When you subscribe to cable TV subscription like DSTV, Canalsat, YOU GET PAID.
  4. When you pay for Utility Bill like ENEO, water Bill or you pay on behalf of someone else, YOU GET PAID
  5. When you share the business opportunity with someone and get them to register, YOU GET PAID
  6. When those you refer, recharge Airtime, YOU GET PAID
  7. When those you refer sub for data of any network, YOU GET PAID
  8. When those you refer purchase/subscribe for cable TV subscriptions, YOU GET PAID
  9. When those you refer make utilities Bill payments like ENEO Bill, YOU GET PAID they pay for their customers, YOU GET PAID
  10. When those you refer in turn refer others, YOU GET PAID
  11. When those they refer carry out any transactions like buy/sell Airtime or Data of any network, YOU GET PAID
  12. When they also purchase Cable tv subscription or make Utility Bill payments, YOU GET PAID

NOTE: No hawking of product, you carry out all your transaction using customized e-wallet/Backoffice account in your mobile phone or computer.

Other Incentives

  1. Any month you and your team get 10,000 PV, the company pays you CFA 200,000 leadership development bonus
  2. Whenever you and your team accumulate 25,000 PV the company pays you CFA 1,000,000 for International Trip Award
  3. Whenever you and your team accumulate 60,000 PV, the company pays you a small car fund of CFA4,000,000
  4. Whenever you and your team accumulate 100,000 PV, the company pays you first house fund of CFA6,000,000
  5. Whenever you and your team accumulate 250,000 PV, the company pays you second house fund worth CFA8,000,000
  6. Whenever you and your team accumulate 500,000 PV, the company pays you third house fund worth CFA12,000,000

Humour, why do you think banks are into VTU business likewise, an organization like Jumia are now into VTU vending. The difference is that RAGP shares the profit with all partners.

Recharge And Get Paid gives you the license (right) to operate your own virtual top-up (VTU) business and earn just like the banks do.

Recharge And Get Paid is finally here in Cameroon for you my people. It’s time to be your OWN BOSS at the comfort of your home. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Start Making the Money NOW while others Make Excuses.

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