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My RAGP Journey So Far By Edmanuel

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My name is Okeke, Chinedu Emmanuel. A public servant and biomedical scientist working at a university. Before I joined Recharge and Get Paid Ltd (RAGP) in February 2018, I have done several Multi-Level Marketing businesses but none was able to give me the financial freedom I crave for, even with much efforts put into them.

So, I continued looking for that one with very essential products/services and a good compensation plan. Fortunately for me on one of occasional Facebook surfing, I saw a post that read, “Do you get paid for recharging your phone?” The post caught my attention because I use airtime so much for my phones and modem. So, I tried chatting the author in messenger and we got connected. On the course of our chatting, he explained how I would be getting commissions for my airtime and data recharges. I got interested straight away and he asked if he can add me to his prospect group chat, which I obliged.

To cut the long story short, I registered after a few days as I am convinced that this was the opportunity I was looking for. Fortunately, my previous experience in network marketing prepared and informed me about the negativity I would encounter but I was determined to be successful so, I shunned all the ones I encountered from friends and coworkers.

In the beginning, I faced the obstacle of fear. I feared what people would think and say. I was a shy person so being in a people business was a very scary situation for me. But my dream was bigger than my reality. I kept charging forward until those fears became my best friends. I started using the platform and saw commissions paid for my usage. I was encouraged and started sharing the opportunity with anyone I came in contact with both online and offline. I started weekly seminars in our church due to my inability to secure a free venue for my seminars. With the presentations I did, I learned a lot about myself.

When I began to have those dreaded doubtful days that can hit every new network marketer, I’d constantly remind myself of all the other success stories I was hearing about. My mindset was, “If they can do it, so can I.” Inspirational books and tapes were also very instrumental for me when it came to removing some of my self-doubts.

Some tips that helped me to be successful in RAGP are:

  • When I recruit, I like to find people who are self-motivated and want to do something with their lives.
  • I don’t like to deal with people who are negative.
  • I always reflect on this saying, “A wise person chooses carefully those whom he takes counsel from.” Basically, as I was building my business, I only listened to the people who were successful. I never let rejection or negative opinions from others bring me down.

We need to be cautious. It seems to be common sense, but so often we let emotion we feel from rejection get in the way of our success. Just understand that rejection is simply part of the growth process. It builds character and prepares you for the success that will follow when you stick with it. Let’s face it, this business isn’t for everyone. Some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next?

Finally, no matter what anyone tells you, your success in RAGP has nothing to do with where you’re from, who you are, what your vocation, job, religion, or financial status is. What matters is that you have a burning desire to make some changes in your life. If somebody like me a full-time civil servant and medical personnel can make it in RAGP, I truly believe anybody can.


By the grace of God, I have made 2 times International Trip fund of ₦500k each and ₦2m Car fund all in less than 2 years.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Some people think that those of us who had got big incentives in RAGP are made of something special, that they have unique talents and abilities, or they had a lot of money in the first place. The truth is we aren’t, we don’t and we didn’t. It’s just a matter of being determined and persistent, and never allowing yourself to quit no matter the obstacles you need to face and overcome. For those who win, there’s no giving up. Thousands of people’s dreams are coming true because of RAGP.

Why not yours as well? You can do it!

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