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My Testimony by Bello Rotimi

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Read and be blessed

Firstly, I return all the glory to God Almighty who made today a reality. I must confess that today is one of the happiest moment in my life in the year 2020, not mainly about the incentives but about the better person I had become through this God sent platform called Recharge And Get Paid ( RAGP ).

Yes, I joined RAGP in July 2019 through David Effiong ( an over two years online friends that have never met until May 20120 ), he had introduced several businesses to me which I turned down. Still, immediately, he has shown me RAGP, in less than 20 minutes after studying the platform I said the guy I want to register despite that he didn’t explain to me very well because he is yet to understand the platform entirely. Still, I have grabbed the critical VALUE in the business that I will get paid whenever I use Telecom products. I was a heavy user because I was sincerely and passionately pushing another company ( name withheld ) then, where I qualified for two brand new cars in less than 3years. Still, I was only given Dummy keys (a story for another day )……., back to our point, I said I want to register guy, David answered and said my friend, “I never get money to register o, but I will connect you with my friend in Lagos who had registered…….I was touched and decided to help. I was on my way to Lagos that day. He sent Emmanuel Maradesa contact to me, I called and transferred #60,000 to him that he should register #10,000 package for Davedee and then register myself under him with #50,000 package ( highest package then ) which he did immediately, ( Note: I haven’t met any of them ) till the second day that I met Maradesa at Berger bridge Lagos. Then I later registered like 10 PLATINUMs, and also my few friends with my money, but none caught the vision because even I was using it for myself and my family……

I was only using the platform for myself and my family. I later abandoned the platform entirely after four months because it was having serious issues and I can’t continue to waste more money settling few people that are doing the business under me whenever they have problems with airtime and others. I was still pushing that my former platform hoping to get my cars , in early 2018 I started reading the testimonies of people making it in RAGP especially that of Emmanuel Maradesa and others , Maradesa called and encouraged me to consider RAGP , he had even put people under me without my notification , he just said login and check your account , he did this for me because I registered with highest package then ( PLATINUM ) , lo and behold I met money there……you know what this didn’t move me much because I was still falling for the empty promises and lies to get my brand new car , I didn’t take RAGP serious until God miraculously added a downline to my team who I never knew was a season networker and leader the person of *Mr Olasoji Ayeni who qualified for his 500k incentives in August 2019 in less than 9months , then my eyes open small , to cut the story short , I became serious with RAGP in April 2 , 2020 to mark my unforgettable birthday , I created a WhatsApp group and started training , my points value PV was a little above 30k , but today it is above 70k , I actually qualified for this 500k in May16 , 2020 , I wanted to wait and celebrate it together with #2m and #3m before….. because it will soon land by God’s grace.

👉🏾Learn not to delay in saying YES to opportunity
👉🏾Be prompt and fast to forget past ugly experience and move on
👉🏾Be ready to take risk
👉🏾Best people to do business with are strangers
👉🏾Don’t be too rigid, be flexible and open-minded….

Please screen any MLM company, the people behind it, their products, the market before passionately venturing into it,……. RAGP is the best, embrace it with your all, those that have left should kindly come back Nowwwwwwww, open multiple accounts. Telecommunications is the rave of the moment and contain enormous wealth.! Prospects, pls join now and join big.

Pls note, time won’t permit me to mention all names, but you are all important, acknowledged and appreciated…
👉🏾 David Effiong ( Davedee), thanks for everything, you are the best and God sent.
👉🏾 Emmanuel Maradesa, a leader like no other, God sent an angel to this generation, the real boss, thanks and God bless you richly.
👉🏾 Olasoji Ayeni thanks sir
👉🏾 Sunday Ayodele thanks for still believing in me despite the challenges, I can’t wait to celebrate you sir soonest it will manifest.
👉🏾 Alani, you are the best brother, thanks
👉🏾 Olahnoah, thanks boss
👉🏾 Lucy, seeing you at the top, thanks ma.
👉🏾 Dammy Adeboye, thanks so much ma, God bless.
👉🏾 Bell Action Group and all my team members; You are all richly blessed. I can’t thank you enough. You are all amazing, and I will celebrate you all at the top.
👉🏾 Special thanks to the love of my life, my angel, my wife and namesake Mosadioluwa Eunice Bello and my big boys who never lose faith neither seen me as a failure but stood by me even when it looks as if the light won’t shine again, she kept encouraging and consoling me, we will surely tour the world together in our private jet, thank you so much dear, I love you.!

As for our CEO, Ositadinma Oshopo, I don’t know what to say than to pray that God will continue to guide, guard and endow you with more wisdom to keep liberating people, your voice will be heard globally sir……. thanks so much for putting up these ideas that have made thousands of NIGERIANS millionaires…… God bless you immensely, sir .!

Long live RAGP!
Long live CEO.!
Long live Nigeria.!



AUGUST 2020.!

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