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My Testimony By Stanislaus Okeke

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My name is Stanislaus Okeke. I’m from Anambra State Nigeria. Since I started having the desire to make money, that was after I finished from secondary school [Junior Seminary] 2014 and started my priesthood journey which the manifestation of the book of Matthew 22:14 came to fulfilment: “Many were called but few were chosen” 😅

I desired to make it via an online platform with a high interest in NETWORKING. So, I joined a Network Marketing company called GNLD now NEOLIFE late 2017 and started my journey as a network marketer. That was the same year I dropped off from school, UNIZIK after my first year to face REALITY as aspiring business personnel and entrepreneur. Lemme not tell how my Dad took me to my parish priest to know what’s wrong with me for saying NO to schooling NOT EDUCATION… Lol 😅…..

As that business of GNLD requires monthly investment even after your initial registration, I always invest 30k monthly into it. You may ask how I do get this 30k? I was also an affiliate marketer to a now-closed down system called Nigeria News Update (NNU). So then, I normally make at least 30k-35k monthly. Sometimes 50k and above. I know my field!
This was the same platform that made me INACTIVE on RAGP for about 5months b4 I realized what am really in for in RAGP 🤦‍♂️

So I was doing this monthly investment in the hands of my state GNLD MD not knowing that all am investing isn’t going to my personal business. In fact, the lady didn’t register me OFFICIALLY in the business. So all my investment [about 300k] goes to her personal business! THIS WAS A LATE DISCOVERY THOUGH.

So before that discovery, I used to see Recharge and get paid advert on Facebook business groups. I had an interest but needed a guide to the extent that I posted on one of the Facebook groups that I want to register on Recharge and get paid AND TO MY SURPRISE, I GOT NO RESPONSE.

I didn’t give up though. I can’t really remember how I came across one guy’s post on the same Facebook on 30th of April, 2018 and had to contact him. His name is Saint Okoli, An Ibo guy just like me. So after some questions to him, I sent him 5k to register me on 1st May 2018. After much comparison with RAGP and GNLD, I found out that RAGP is FAARRRR better and stress-free than GNLD. I had to STOP GNLD!

UNFORTUNATELY, He stopped doing the business in the same year. Reasons are best known to him! Who will guide me as I journey in this business? Well, I’m a self-motivated type, so I never worry my head. The only pain there was that whether or not he’s active or not, He will be benefiting whenever I make any transaction or register someone. LOL, That’s enough to discourage me. Buh I wasn’t discouraged knowing what I want.

So what did I do? I register 3 more accounts under following each other. That is, I registered my 2nd under my 1st, my 3rd under my 2nd and my 4th under my 3rd. This will enable me to earn in all accounts for any registration or transaction I make. So before it gets to him, I would have had Lion’s share. Lol! However, DON’T DO THIS. If you must have multiple accounts, ask your upline for guidance.

To cut the long story about my upline [the guy that registered me] short, I bought his RAGP account late March 2020… This year. He sold it to me at N42,000. It wasn’t a bad deal as I understand the value of one single account in RAGP. I prayed to God for the fund to upgrade that his account from BASIC PACKAGE of 5k to the PLATINUM PACKAGE of 50k – God had my prayers and it was done within 1 week from my earnings in other of my accounts! And guess what? I have almost recovered the 42k from the same bought account!

So now, I have 7 different accounts with Recharge and get paid. None of them is in the basic package of 5k anymore. 5 is in PLATINUM[50k], one in GOLD[30k] and one in BRONZE[10k] – Still planning to upgrade them all to PLATINUM!

Today, I have built my Team to about 1,000 members. It’s not all by my power. Aside from God been the Almighty – It’s by my TEAM. I love them all for nice Teamwork. And the 500k award I will be receiving very soon can’t be “spent” without them!

The good thing about Recharge and get paid is that, if you know what you’re doing, the money for upgrading your accounts to a higher package will come from your earnings. You don’t need to touch your savings or borrow. And again, before you qualify for any of the company’s award/incentives, you must have made more than that. TRUTH BE TOLD!

Hmmm.. 8th June 2020 has shown me that NOTHING beats persistence and consistency.
The all-night being on the system has gradually started paying off. I will need a new lens though 😄

Thank you all those who made this come to pass.

My immediate Team members – Team Kostan. Thanks to u guys.

My mother Team.. Team Omotracy. Thanks to y’all and help me thank Boss Omotracy.

Mrs Oghenetega… Thank you for ur support when the boy was starting out…

My grand Team. Team Catalyst. Wao.. That was the first Team I ever know… Thanks to you guys.

John Oti. Thank you in a special way for your first-hand orientation.

A big thanks to SaintOkoli. My upline. Thanks for showing me this opportunity.

Thanks to all RAGP partners who’re my source of motivation so far…

Thanks to RAGP Ltd.

Thanks to Mr Ositadimma, CEO RAGP.
God will continue to bless and protect you.

Stanislaus Okeke

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