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RAGP Testimony by Reigns Daniel Ekpoessien

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Hi, my name is Daniel Ekpoessien also know as E-Reigns.

I came on board RAGP late 2017 with username RADIUSNET and it’s been a wonderful ride.

As a pan African, I took interest in promoting RAGP as it represents one of the best people-centric innovation that would stand the test of time, add additional income to the lives of many who would embrace it, create employment opportunities, develop leadership skills and staying power and above all impact on lives.

It was a project I just couldn’t let go knowing the inherent power if one Naira (N1). I have this notion that any business that can pay you N1 also has the potential to generate millions. Hence we set out to work.

I shared the information among my friends both online and offline acquaintances and together we set out to light the continent.

Our work was simple! Educate as many as you can to understand the mission and help them start their journey to Financial Freedom.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning as the country was filled with Ponzi schemes; Get-rich-quick mindsets was eating deep into the lives of our teaming population faster than bacteria. We kept pushing and teaching sustainable business ethics, rules and processes. We were able to set up RAGP Entrepreneurship Hubs in some locations.

Earlier in 2018, the seeds began to bear fruits in millions.


RAGP has been a game-changer. It has helped me fulfil most of my early goals paving way for the next phase in record time. Through RAGP, I’ve been able to impact lives, create more millionaires, earned all the incentives, majority of them multiple times running into multi-millions, including travel, car funds and house funds…

Building my RAGP business has connected me to another set of goal-driven family, the best anyone would love to have. Above all, it gave me that power to add value to the lives of anyone I come in contact with.


You are not reading this by accident.

Every information you have is destined to inspire you to start something… And you don’t have to be in a perfect state to begin. I started this journey with N5,000 but with a big dream and determination to achieve them through goals, targets and most importantly, ACTION.

How big is your dream?


Whatever you have, and wherever you are, you have just what it takes to move to where you ought to be and Recharge and Get Paid could be that catalyst to achieving your dreams.

Our continent needs solution providers, charge yourself to be that solution and the world will open its arms wide to embrace you.


My story won’t be complete without people at the background.

Mr Ositadima Oshopo, a CEO that’s more like an elder brother. I appreciate your support and encouragement even when we had no clear cut direction. Your calmness during hot weather is one attributes I would love to add to my PV…

Special thanks to the Admin, Customer Service unit, I.T department. You guys don’t know what you represent in our lives. Reigns love you…

And to my swaggerlicious team and TEAM RRADIUSNET LEADERS, I’ll ever remain grateful. To all our RAGP GENERALS GLOBALLY, I CELEBRATE YOU ALL.

Space won’t allow me to type all the names; as each day passes, I keep thanking God for connecting us. It’s been an amazing journey so far and the best is yet to come so if I have to do it again, I will still choose RAGP.



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