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What is PV in RAGP – South African Version

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This page is specifically published for Sandy. You must have arrived at this page through the link she sent you. Please get back to her after reading through for more clarifications (if any) and she will give you the referral ID to use in signing up. If you are a registered member and you want to have a similar page in your name, contact the admin of the website.


Every registration comes with a Point Value.

BRONZE (R500) = 40PV
SILVER (R1,000) = 80PV
GOLD (R2,000) = 160PV
DIAMOND (R3,000) = 240PV
PLATINUM (R5,000) = 400PV

When you get registered into Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP), your own registration package comes with the equivalent PV. So, if you registered with Bronze Package, you will have 40PV. This will continue to be your PV, irrespective of how much recharge you carry out via your wallet, except 2 things happen:

(1) IF YOU UPGRADE – anytime you upgrade your package, you will be awarded the equivalent of the PV of your current package. So, if you Upgrade from Bronze (40PV) to Diamond (240PV), your PV will automatically jump from 40PV to 240PV. And that’s where it will stay until you upgrade to the ultimate package – Platinum. Then your PV will show 400PV. That is the maximum point value you can ever get on your own because there’s no way to upgrade to again. Well, 400PV on its own doesn’t quite afford you any luxury in this business.

But check out the 2nd method to grow your PV

(2) If YOU & YOUR TEAM REFER – anytime you refer a friend to sign up on RAGP, apart from the 20% Direct Referral Commission you will earn, you will also be awarded the PV of the package your downline came in with. So, let’s say you are on Bronze Package (40PV) and you introduced a friend who joined with Platinum (R5,000; 400PV), your PV will jump from 40PV to 440PV. Anytime that person upgrades his/her account, you will be awarded the equivalent PV as well.

Furthermore, anytime your direct referrals bring indirect referrals and the indirect referrals bring in more indirect referral, you will continue to be awarded the PVs of the equivalent packages for those new registrations and upgrades. Unlike in Indirect Referral Bonuses where your commissions reduce in percentage as you grow deeper (10% gradually down to 1%), there is no reduction in the PVs awarded to you from the efforts of indirect referrals. The only thing that can limit you in this sense is the package you are on. Suppose you are on Bronze Package, once your genealogy grows deeper than 6 levels, you will no longer see the commissions and PVs of those from the 7th level down…. This is really something you wouldn’t love to experience.

Why is this PV thing important? SIMPLE! It is your Monthly PV or Cumulative PV that RAGP uses to award you those juicy incentives such as:

(1) Leadership Bonus: If within one single month, you and your team members can generate 10,000PVs, you will be slammed with R5,000 Leadership Bonus… If you achieve this every month, that’s how you will be collecting Leadership Bonus every month (like say its monthly salary)

(2) If your Cumulative PV hits 25000, you get awarded with a Local Trip or R25,000

(3) If your Cumulative PV grows to 60,000, you get awarded with a Small Car Fund of R100,000

(4) If your Cumulative PV grows to 100,000, you get awarded with 1st House Fund of R150,000

(5) If your Cumulative PV hits the 250,000, you get awarded with 2nd House Fund of R200,000, and ultimately

(6) When your Cumulative PV hits the 500,000, you get awarded with 3rd House Fund of R300,000.

Having understood this, I hope you won’t just be satisfied with the 2% bonus on recharge, 10% bonus on Data etc… Let’s get hungry for more, get hungry for PVs.

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