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The 40% (Per Cent) Rule

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In Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP), you are required to have a minimum of three (3) down lines registered directly under you. You can have an infinite number of down lines if you wish. The company says that they can take a maximum of 40% of whatever Point Value (PV) is needed to qualify for any category of award from each account. This means that at least 3 direct legs are needed to produce the total points. You can have more direct.

For Example, the total PV for International Trip Award of  ₦0.5m is 25,000. Let us assume that you registered only 3 three direct down lines. The PV for the award will be calculated thus:

40% of 25,000 PV equals 10,000 PV……leg one.
40% from another leg gives 10,000 PV…….leg two
20% from a third leg gives 5,000pv……leg three.

So if you registered only one person and you went to sleep. When this person begins to work and build his/her team and one day, you wake up to see 25,000pv, don’t think you have qualified for anything, because, only 40% can be taken from one direct leg.

PLEASE NOTE: The total points can come from more than three (3) direct legs. In fact, the more direct downlines, the better.

So having your first 3direct legs as your own account would help you to monitor the number of points coming from each.

But if at all you don’t have multiple accounts, no problem, just make sure you register plenty people in your only account and always ask your working downlines for their total points from time to time to help you know on the legs to devote more time to building. You can learn more about the importance of PV here.

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